2 December 2023

Luca Viterbo Donato – The dental practice from environmental care to patient management

ASO Update: 10 HOURS
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Dental practice from environmental care to patient management

The course aims to update ASOs:

  • On the new digital technologies that the COVID era imposes.
  • On new practice management with aparticular emphasis on the proper use of PPE.
  • On “reasoned” management of de-terilization protocols, deepening cognition oniviruses and bacteria in general not only of covid.
  • On a thorough scientific knowledge of sanitizing substances.
  • On the innovative “tele-dentistry” that will be thepillar of dental practice in the years to come. (We will give step-by-step practical directions for building a professional workstation and environmental, gestural and communication modalitiesfor conducting a session.)

Ultimately, it will be ten hours of refresher training in order to prepare the ASO for a professional approach to the new digitized and paperless world.


  • The indices of infection and what to do if a patient is Covid positive
  • Bacteria, viruses and fungi: spread around the world
  • Safety precautions
  • Various levels of security
  • Various levels of containment
  • Risk factors
  • Real classification of PPE
  • Tools for purchasing PPE “safely”
  • Digital sterilization process
  • Traceability and control testing (both for proper operation of equipment and for actualelimination of pathogens)
  • Eliminating the risk of airborne contamination
  • Equipment: which correct and which harmful?
  • Teleodontics
  • How to build a post
  • Posture, gestures
  • Communication
  • Patient management
  • The waiting room
  • Lighting: new concepts
  • Information technology in the service of the ASO
  • Useful accessories and programs
  • Digital archiving
  • Word of mouth 3.0 or digital
  • What the future holds.
  • Brief overview glimpses of the trend in dentistry



Accredited professional figures: A.S.O.



The activities will be carried out in FAD.

For those who chose payment by bank transfer, please note that since this is a practical course with limited places, the registration will be considered valid if followed within 5 days. From the reservation, payment accounting. Otherwise, the reservation will be automatically cancelled.



In case of non-attendance, a refund net of Secretariat fees (50% of the registration fee including vat) will be made only if written cancellation is received by the Secretariat no later than 15 working days prior to the holding of the event for proven reasons. Entries will be considered valid only if accompanied by the registration fee or transfer receipt.



Curriculum Speaker

Luca Viterbo Donato

Luca Viterbo Donato

From 1995 to 2003 he held the position of Head of External Relations and Press Office ANDI sez.Provincial of Genoa In the years ’94 and ’95 he held numerous symposia on dental materials as part of the Degree Course in Dentistry, Oral Hygiene and for the Specialty of the Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery. From 1999 to 2003, he served as External Relations and Image Manager for ANDI Nazionale. From 2000 to 2004 he was a Lecturer at European School of Economics of Nottingham Trent University in the Marketing and Organization course. In 2004 he was Speaker at European School of Economics of Nottingham Trent University on an Experimental Thesis on the advent of New Technologies. From 2004 to 2006, he served as National Cultural Officer COI – AIOG. In 2001 he founded the company e20 s.r.l., which he still directs as Sole Director and which is a leader in the dental industry for the organization of events and communication and marketing strategies. In 2018-2019-2020 it conducted more than 40 ASO refresher courses, updating about 5,000 ASOs. In 2020, he conducted several webinars addressed to all dental categories on the new post-pandemic practice management.
In 2021 he was certified as a Meeting & Event Manager (No. MEEV-2021001), among the first 34 certified in Europe.

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Event Details

Date: 27 Gennaio 2024

Start time: 09:30

End time: 15:30

Phone: +390105960362

Email: info@e20srl.com ⁣