13 June 2024

We look beyond.

It means to have a long view, to be open-mind, to size – up perspicacity current situations, telling possible future development.

Keeping its service company nature, e20 was able to look forward and move up, becoming a real marketing tool focused on customer goal.

Training deriving from our activities keeps cultural qualities it needs but it also becomes an innovative and fresh tool to spread products in a productive and long-lasting way.

Sappiamo guardare oltre.

We give ear to.

It means to learn, to pay attention, to understand other people’s needs.

During recent yeas, in the market world, lexical “violence” is usual. Proposing an event often becomes a violent attempt to push it through. Our staff listen every custom requests, but try to examine professional habits too, finding shades, only at this point we make our offer.

A noi piace ascoltare.

We have nose for “events”.

It means being able to feel faraway and hit the mark.

e20 try to “smell” the air to understand new social needs, not forgetting classical and proven method. This is the reason why our company offers innovative educational method and technologies, out of classical schema. This peculiarity allows us to be well advanced to interpret event and to appeal addresses.

Per gli eventi abbiamo “naso”.​

It's more fun with us.

It means our talent to bring out good things of our activity.

Throughout a consolidate family attitude e20 founder, heir of a family devoted to business from her origin, has been able to combine in his collaborators “modus operandi”, not only attention and care to work but a formal, not substantial, way of manage the relationship with customers. e2o staff submit with contemporary and polished contact. When you speak with us, you feel bound and fascinated.

Con noi C'è più gusto.​

We can establish a contact.

It means sensitivity and elegance.

Performing an event, our company can manage independently every step of the event. If you want to follow step by step your event, we supply every “on line” updated tools, you can choose to be involved emotionally, not effectively, keeping rigid in our operative function.

Stabiliamo un contatto.​

Listen to the e20 Jingle

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